Online Communities – Leveraging your customers to achieve a superior market position

Consumers’ willingness for social interaction is growing unbowed; they exchange and discuss experiences in blogs and bulletin boards, and share personal details on various social networking sites. Reading and writing reviews for products, travel or services online has become a mainstream habit that is now an important part of the purchase decision.
Online Communities offer you a chance to utilise this urge to communicate and enter into a real dialogue with your customers. You can do so using the full scope of market research techniques: from ethnographical qualitative fundamental research through simple quick polls, to highly complex quantitative studies.

Welcome to Harris CommunitiesIn our webinar, we will show you the opportunities you will have through your own online community: highly motivated respondents, deep profiling, immediate access to hard to reach target groups and many more.
In addition, we will demonstrate how to keep your community engaged long-term in order to maximise the ROI you can pull out of your research budget.


Über den Referenten

Timon Seidelmann, MA Sociology, Politics and Economics, has 7 years of experience in market research. In his role as Senior Research Consultant at Harris Interactive he is responsible for Online Communities for national and international clients.

April 25th, 2017 | 4:00 PM CEST

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