Concept Express™ – Saving time using automated concept tests

Webinar presented by Anja Zietzschmann, Senior Research Consultant

Product lifecycles are becoming increasingly shorter, which makes new product development more important than ever. Market research is constantly being challenged by narrow timeframes, as decisions need to be made faster, especially in the phase prior to product launch.

Automation optimises the survey process and thus saves the most important resource: time!

Concept Express™ is an entirely new standard concept test capable of fulfilling the increasing demand to save time in two respects: First, the combination of automation and real time reporting greatly accelerate the survey process. Secondly, an interactive dashboard enables decision makers to quickly and easily identify the winning concepts based on established KPIs.

concept express_Dashboard

In our webinar, we will demonstrate the benefits of using an automated survey approach and introduce the online reporting tools of Concept Express™.
Find out when it’s time to switch to automatic!

About the presenter

Anja Zietzschmann, holds a diploma in business administration, and has been working as a market researcher for over 10 years. As Senior Research Consultant at Harris Interactive she supports FMCG clients in international projects concerning new product launches. These range from automated concept tests to custom-tailored line-optimisation tests.

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