• Herausragender Einsatz der gesamten Projektgruppen!

    Christian Bruns, AIRBUS

  • Thank you for the outstanding work the team has delivered on the online research. Everything was extremely smooth from the initial set-up, to the execution of the field, to the final delivery of results (despite very tight timeline). I would like to especially point out the great work from project manager, who has kept me constantly up to date on everything, who was super quick to respond, and who delivered a summary deck of outstanding quality and clarity! And even a few days in advance! Looking forward to working with you in the future !

    —Anouk Bergner,  PROCTER & GAMBLE

  • I was very pleased with the speed of result delivery; the price was very attractive and I appreciated the fact that I received the SPSS raw data file which allowed me to run insightful analyses beyond standard tables.

      —Klaus Herentrey, Global Consumer Insights Manager, NESTLÉ

  • Toll fand ich die schnelle Reaktion auf meine Anfragen und die Anpassung des Reportings in Bezug auf meine Bedürfnisse.

    Monika Käspaizer,  E.ON

  • Reporting and working together to create meaningful results and good recommendations as well as succinct, visually appealing PowerPoint presentations was smooth and we are very happy with the output.

    —Judy Blessing, VISTEON

  • It was a pleasure working with you. I am sure we will work together again in the future.

        —Mette Schleiss, FIRMENICH SA

  • Wir haben Herrn Raschke als einen sehr engagierten und kompetenten Ansprechpartner erlebt und bedanken uns für die zuverlässige Betreuung unseres Projektteams.


  • Sehr gute, pünktliche Durchführung einer sicher nicht einfachen Multi-Client-Studie.

    —Folkert Lammers, VATTENFALL

  • It was a pleasure working with you. The team was very flexible in reacting to our ad hoc requests, different needs and reacted quickly and effectively to any occurring issues during field time.

    —Judy Blessing, VISTEON